Test Consultation in EuroDyn env (old website) (JC 2020 93 test 2)

Start Date: 28/01/2021 | Deadline: 29/01/2021 | Status: CLOSED |

The proposed revised draft ITSs have been developed according to Article 136 (1) and (3) of Regulation 575/2013 (Capital Requirements Regulation) and of Article 109 (a) of Directive 2009/138/EC (Solvency II Directive), which state that revised draft ITS  shall be submitted by the ESAs, where necessary.

This change follows a second amendment to the Implementing Regulations, which was proposed by the ESAs in May 2019 and adopted by the European Commission on 29 November 2019. The first amendment reflected the withdrawal of the registration of one CRA and the recognition of five additional CRAs since the adoption of the Implementing Regulations in October 2016. The second amendment, on the other hand, reflected the outcomes of a monitoring exercise on the adequacy of existing mappings, namely changes to the Credit Quality Steps (CQS) allocation for two ECAIs and the introduction of new credit rating scales for ten ECAIs. One Two ECAIs, Creditreform and ACRA Europe, has have not consented to the publication of their mapping reports. In the absence of a consent, the ESAs published only the outcome of the revision, i.e. the relevant mappings in Annex III of the draft amended ITS (“Mapping tables”) together with two documents listing the applicable credit rating scales and credit rating types for each of the concerned ECAI.

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